Thirteen Things I Forgot Happens When I Am Prego

1. The appearance of cellulite on my ass & thighs.
2. The ridiculous heartburn, the ridiculous gas.
3. The super psychotic insane nightmares.
4. Zits on my chest. WTF is that about, I really don't remember those from my first pregnancy.
5. My hair grows hella fast everywhere especially my toes.
6. The massive pain that I get in my abdomen from my big 'ol belly stretching.
7. Me turning into the sappiest, mushiest romantic ever. Thanks hormones!
8. My desire to eat bologna. Real bologna. You sickos.
9. The battle of the names. Loving one, then a better one knocks on my door.
10. Not being able to go to the bathroom.
11. Not being able to not go to the bathroom.
12. My boobs growing to watermelon size.
13. Weird shit coming out of my body any which way possible. (Sorry, TMI)

Really makes you wanna get prego, doesn't it??