My great Aunt died this morning. She was my grandma's older sister. When I was little and we lived in Florida she used to drive me around in her car named Jake and we would visit this pink elephant (that I later found out was not real and lived at a mini golf course). Compared to my grandma I always thought she was the mean one. She wasn't really.

As I got older I came to the realization that she just had a hard life. The man she married had a stroke early on and she dedicated the rest of her life taking care of him. I remember her bringing him to family party's and I was always so amazed that she could haul his ass and his wheelchair in and out of her little Chevy.

The last time I saw her was in the winter. She was in & out of crazy. Catcher was there. I will miss her. Although I am sad, I am somewhat comforted knowing that my grandma will have some company at the great gig in the sky.