The husband just called. Apparently one of you kind folks that read my stupid blog thinks I am talking shit about him.

Just to clear some things up:

1. This blog is not meant to be taken true or serious ever. It is my therapy. Most of the time I don't even spell check. I write and I publish. I rarely look at my posts after I write them (obviously).

2. I love the chef and I love my life. If I bitch about something that has to do with the husband it is usually very fleeting. For those of you who know the Chef, you know damn well he is close to perfect (other than the nail biting), and I am not.

3. If I say the Chef is unhappy, I do not mean drinkin' himself to death like Jeff Buckley unhappy. I just mean that he is not able to do what he is passionate about on a day to day basis right now, so shit is a little murky.

4. If you think I am talking shit, you obviously have never heard me talk shit. When I do, you'd know it.

5. The Chef reads this blog, do you really think I would write anything that would piss him off or make him look bad?

That's it. I was pissed but now I am not. I talked to my love and he's cool so I'm cool. For those of you who aren't cool....
I was totally gonna do a happy post about our upcoming Disney vaca. Looks like that'll have to wait a few days. Peace.