This has been an interesting week regarding blogging. Here I was thinking that no one reads this thing and all of the sudden WHAM!, I am getting angry comments regarding the kind of vehicle I buy.

"Buy an american car and not that jap junk, i hope anyone with a brain wont eat in your new place and support your business that dont support AMERICA!!!"

You have got to be some kind of asshole to write a comment like this. I mean does this guy think that everything he buys was produced in America. I am guessing those shit kicking boots he wears to clean up cow dung everyday were mass produced in China. That Fouis Vuiiton he bought his redneck wife, also mass produced in China. What about the computer he used? Was it made in America? Not if it's a Dell, Sony, Apple, or Gateway. Pieces & parts of those 'American' computers are all outsourced to cheaper labor countries. Oh and let us not forget, his Ford F150. Although it is American, guess where it was assembled? That's right my friends, Mexico.
You see the line is unclear anymore where and by who things are made. You better believe that your 'America car' is most definitely not the most patriotic car on the road. Hell, my Prius was assembled in the great USA by actual Americans.

I hope to god this asshole comes to our FRENCH restaurant.

I am so sick of these people who have issues with the silliest little things. If you haven't noticed it ain't the 1950's. Our economy sucks, not b/c of me & others like me, but b/c of the goddamn war and the blue bloods who dragged all our service men and women into a quagmire. So F off. I got a birthday party to plan and I have to go buy some paper plates that were made in Malaysia.

PS...That jap junk (as you so eloquently put it) gets 60 mpg. While you are giving 75% of your salary to foreign oil conglomerates, I am able to save money to send my boy to an 'American' college, where he will learn how ignorant people like you can be. Cheers!