Happy Birthday Catcher Crazy Face!

I have been a mother for two years today. What an astounding thing that took place 730 days ago. My boys is no longer a baby. He is growing into a little man. From the talking, to the cuddling, to the screaming and yelling, he is now able to express himself and let me know what he wants or how he feels. He can stand on his own two feet. He teaches himself now, I am only in the background guiding him on what is safe and what is 'angerous.'

He is two. My god, I am in awe. I absolutely cannot believe that this little man has been in my life for two full years. The greatest years of my life, mind you. He has taught me so much. Not only about raising a child, but about who I am as a woman, mother, wife, and person. I have discovered myself in two short years, thanks to my boy. Some people spend years taking classes, traveling the planet, working a million hours a week to find themselves. All it took for me was one very long (48 hours) birth of a child.

So my son, thank you for all that you are and all that you will be now & in the future. You make me proud to be a mother. You make proud to be your mother. Happy 2nd birthday Catcher. You are my love.