Vacation is over and real life has resumed. Although... there have been a few changes.

Soon I will be able to announce some of them. Let's just say that for now I am on the road to becoming a full time (except Saturdays) stay at home mamma again.

To celebrate, I tore out the recipe pages of my absolutely new favorite magazine (Real Simple) and I headed to the market (sounds so much cooler than the grocery store). The boy & I spent two and a half hours looking for the ingredients as well as tasting a few. Thanks Heinens, the free fruit saved my crazy Catcher's life and also kept me sane.
As most of you know I DO NOT cook. I married a Chef, I really don't have to. Nor am I very good at it. However the news that I am not yet able to announce inspired me to spend $140 of money that we don't have on fancy pants ingredients for oh so yummy sounding dishes.

As you can guess, the boy's afternoon nap turned into my cooking time. Sort of. As I began the dish I realized we were out of olive oil. Now one may ask how the f does a chef and his widow run out of olive oil? No f'ng clue. A mere three hours later...and...Voila! A masterpiece of Tuna & Black Olive Vinaigrette Pasta. And guess what, the boy adored it. He almost ate as much as my prego ass did.

My Version of Tuna & Black Olive Vinaigrette Pasta
Real Simple's Version of Tuna & Black Olive Vineagrette Pasta