The Chef & I share the same best friend. We all didn't come to be best friends at the same time which really works out well. The best friend was the Chef's super bff in high school. They were inseparable. They went on vaca together, they even dated the same girl (drama!) There was even some drama between all three of us. But whatever... that's high school.
Throughout college, the three of us somehow managed to get together at most holidays and get super drunk, usually at the Chef's parents house. After we all finished with our respective college careers (so we like to call them), the best friend and I moved back to the town we grew up in as the Chef traveled the world (Miami & NYC). The Chef's BF had somehow become my BF and soon we were professional drinkers gallivanting throughout Strongsville, he in search of the newest edition of Golden Tee & I in search of the next asshole to be my boyfriend. After a full fledged night of debauchery and extreme intoxication we would head back to his place, pass out, and the proceed to call his mom (who lived 200 miles away) in the morning for breakfast. Good times. Good times.
We hung out with the BF over the weekend for a brief period of time. He now lives way the f across the country and we barely see each other. It was nice though and he is so good with the boy which surprises me a bit cause he is shit with women (no offense M). Actually it doesn't surprise me because all in all he is a genuine guy who just happens to be way to f'ng picky about the opposite sex. But that's another post.
I guess that I feel blessed that my wonderful hubby, the Chef and I have such a great group of friends. We may not be able to such each other that often but the bond is always there. I like that Catcher is going to have ten aunts and ten uncles, pretty much all unrelated by blood. The more the merrier.