9 Months Prego 2005

Being that this is my second pregnancy, things have been a bit less exciting than the first time around.
The first time I was prego I actually looked forward to buying maternity clothes. Now I refuse to do it. I am living in wife-beaters and yoga pants and I don't care. I also stalked items on Ebay like a starved panther in need of food. Baby swings, baby rattles, overpriced Burberry outfits, diapers, toys, books, etc., you name it I was trying to buy it. This time around not so much. We already have so so so MANY toys it is freakin unbelievable. I hope our baby girl likes trucks cuz we are overflowing in them.
The one thing that has seemed to be the same as the first pregnancy is my intense desire to nest. Although this time it began a little early...
I redid Catcher's room, I redid the bathroom, next is baby girl's room. This all happened in the past month. And when I say redo, I mean everything. The walls, the floors, I even took out the bathroom sink. Can you say pyscho?
The funny thing is that we are trying to get the fuck out of the 'burbs. Our house is up for sale and here I am tearing walls down to prepare for the new girl. God, I love hormones. They make Chef's Widow go crazy.
Check out the crazy supermom things I did today:

  • Lowes (w/ a two year old...not so fun but when is it?)
  • Took the CatcherCrazyFace to the park, checked out the river trees, and possibly some poison ivy.
  • Taped, then painted the bathroom.
  • Completely reorganized Catcher's room.
  • Put together a bookshelf for Catcher's room.
  • Moved the baby dresser & baby bookshelf to the baby's bedroom (I know, this may have been a bit much).
  • Made Oatmeal & Flax Cookies from scratch.
  • Cooked Chix & Mashed Potato's for dinner.
  • Laid down w/ the boy until he fell asleep (20 minutes of heaven).
  • Wrote this post.

Umm. Yeah. So I am obviously a pyschopath. I guess I forgot what it was like to be a stay at home mama. A fat prego one at that.