Thirteen Things That I Just Can't Seem to Get Done

1. Call this guy. (Above)
2. Unpack from vaca.
3. Finish both bathroom remodels (that way I can post all the hilarious pics of the chef and I laying tile while trying not to kill each other).
4. Figure out how I am going to decorate baby girl's nursery without going crazy in a sea of bubblegum pink.
5. Post on any of my three (non paying) blogs.
6. Alone time w/o the boy, w/o the chef, & w/o the dogs. Especially Potato who has recently turned into that ball crazy dog in the movie Spanglish. If you haven't seen it, rent it, it's great and it's about a chef.
7. Put the chef's most recent press in his portfolio. This would literally take 5 minutes. Which I haven't seem to have had since we have gotten home.
8. Buy the chef an anniversary present. Our one year (church) wedding is on Sunday and I don't have squat for ideas.
9. Make my best friend a CD for her birthday which is tomorrow.
10. Shower. It's been about five days. I know. Gross.
11. Give Potato an itch shampoo bath. Ever since we got back his rash has been making him insane.
12. Plant the gardenia (I think?) plant Ruth cut off from her tree in FLA.
13. Make out w/ the chef. It's been awhile. Plus he has wine tastings every night (yes that's what chefs call getting drunk) and I can't stand the smell of the vino while prego.