I am turning into an exhausted mess. I'm acting like Britney Spears minus the erratic drug use and head shaving. I am hallucinating and I can't nap. I really do not understand where all my so called 'end of the road energy' is. You know what I mean, right? At least all you ladies who have had a baby in the belly for eight months do.

Apparently I am supposed to get this giant gust of nesting energy and so far I have the opposite. I sleep like shit and I know why:

1. Baby girl lives on my sciatic nerve. No matter which side I lay on, I get this shooting sever pain down my right leg that is so mind numbing I can't sit up. Seriously.

2. These assholes that sleep with the chef & I:

Potato somehow has turned into a human being and spoons me. He wraps his paws around my neck and pushes me to the side of the bed. Then he lick attacks me and once he falls asleep he snores like an overweight smoker. It's quite pleasant.

3. My fat ass. Now I know, I know, I'm not fat...I'm pregnant. I hear it everyday. The thing is though when you have a belly that looks like this:

there is absolutely no COMFORTABLE position to lay. Left side, right side, sitting up. They all blow.

54 days and counting. Do you think I can make it?