For Your Viewing Pleasures...


John Travolta

Halle Berry


Oprah's got 14 bathrooms and 10 fireplaces in this $55 mil Montecito , CA estate.

J-lo & Marc Anthony

Arnold & Maria Schwarzenegger

Ashlee Simpson

Aaron Spelling

Eddie Murphy

Billy Joel

Will & Jada Smith

Rod Stewart

Hugh Hefner

Larry King

Brad Pitt

Avril Lavigne

Ryan Seacrest

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Sylvester Stallone

Jerry Sienfeld

Howard Stern

Britney Spears

I just can't seem to find any time to post a thoughtful yet meaningless rant. Between the ridiculous Braxton Hicks contractions and my shortness of breath I find myself basking in every moment of rest I can possible get. Maybe tomorrow...

Plus one can never get enough Britney jokes,