I had my last high risk ultrasound today and everything is in the clear. Baby girl's kidneys look nothing like Catcher's. She is also quite large which we've all guessed based on the ridiculous size of my belly. At this point she is 7 lbs & 7 ozs., a full lb. bigger than the boy was when he was born so I am a bit frightened. I really don't think my business can handle that much larger of a child. I know that people pop out fatties all the time but I am not one of them. I don't like pain nor do I like the vanity aspect of it all. I'm not trying to get any rejuvenation surgery...if you catch my drift, you know?

But I am totally stoked that her kidneys aren't fucked. Watching an infant go through all the poking & prodding that goes on following the birth of my boy is something that I knew I couldn't handle again. It was just too much. Can you imagine watching your two day old baby get ultrasound after ultrasound and the a VCUG (ink and microscope up his hooha)? Yeah me neither, I can barely think about it without wanting to sob for hours...

Anyways, the past is the past. The boy got through it, the chef got through, & I got through it. All that matters is that my boy and soon to be girl are healthy.

I am going to try and keep posting over the next couple of weeks however with Bar Cento opening tomorrow and the possibility of labor, I don't know how much time I will have to ponder my thoughts in front of the computer. Plus my house is so gross and at some point I am going to have to suck it up and clean this bitch.

Later sk8tr.

My pregnant ass + CatcherCrazyFace+ Leemur= Tru Love 4 eva