Just finished up at the doc's and there has been no change. So back to the waiting game of pain. Not so fun and really becoming emotionally draining. The contractions are still consistent and getting a bit more painful however I haven't dilated at all, actually it seems I have decreased in dilation according to my doc. The chef is being awesome though, trying to accommodate the restaurant & the boy and I so we are not left alone that often. Which is especially hard for a Chef who just opened a restaurant to do.
He really is such a great man. Especially to put up with my shit. I do love him so, especially when he has red beard...even though some (ms) hate it:)

The doc told us to go do it more. Maybe that would help. So far we've done it more in three days than I think we did on our entire honeymoon. No joke. It's really really special.

Ahhh the joys of pregnancy. I highly recommend it.