Looks like baby girl is never coming out and I am going to be pregnant forever. I have a lot of free time on my hands it seems because the Chef has been helping out a lot with the boy, the house, and me. Plus my belly is so large that none of my maternity shirts fit over it and I refuse to buy any more fatty clothes.

I am pretty sick of all of it but it is really nice actually seeing the chef during the day and being able to talk to him. I feel like I haven't seen him this much since high school.

I am just trying to concentrate on anything but my bulging belly and hope that my lack of focus will inspire baby girl to be born. My dad had double knee replacement surgery last Thursday so the boy and I have been hanging out at the hospital with him. Catcher is really concerned about bumpa's two 'boo boo's' (if you can't handle the gore I suggest not scrolling down). He has needed the surgery for about five years and I still can't believe he actually went through with it. The day before the surgery he had decided that his knee's had miraculously recovered and he no longer needed to get his legs chopped off.

Needless to say, neither I or my stepmother were having it. The result...

A big ass scar on both knees. Yikes!