I absolutely cannot believe that I have two kids.

I am completely amazed by this even though I knew damn well it was coming. The incredible thing is how perfect things have seem to fit since having the girl. As you know, throughout my entire pregnancy I has some issues with the addition of another child. I really wasn't sure I wanted one and I was very scared that I wouldn't like her as much as the boy. How silly I was. Everyone said it will just happen naturally, 'the love will be there'. And sure enough, I am madly in love with little Louisiana and my heart still belongs to CatcherCrazyFace. Amazing. Gotta love the whole unconditional love thing.

This week has been tiresome although not nearly as bad as after Catcher was born. He was such a tough delivery and my recovery lasted for at least two weeks. And I am talking two weeks of awful gut wrenching super pain. Pain that couldn't be stopped by Percocet, Lidocaine, Viocdin, etc...I ate 'em all and not a damn one worked. Louisiana, on the other hand was a very long delivery yet it barely hurt. I had an epidural for both kids however I have come to the conclusion that only one worked (which is very typical I was told). My recovery with Louisiana is nothing. Sure my business hurts like a monster and every now and then I have cramps that make me want to cut my uterus out but it is still WAY better than the first one. All in all she was so much easier to have and much worse to carry. Must be the boy-girl thing...

It is so funny I can't even write a post without checking on her four to six to eleven times. She is just that cute.

Sorry this post is so boring, I am just way more into hanging with the girl right now.

Oh yeah one more thing...

I have had quite a few requests wondering about her name.

Basically it's pretty simple. Jonathon & I always said if it was a girl we would name her after our grandmothers (who meant the world to both of us). We never really considered it was a girl until we found out she was a she and then things went to shit. We liked the name Louisa (my gma) and Audrey (the chef's), however we just didn't think it went with Catcher. So we pondered and read baby name books and came up with a few more non grandma names (Barret, Dylan, & Harlow). But when we got to Louisa {in the books} we saw Louisiana and we knew that was it. We both loved it but of course over time I went back and forth with it. We were still reading the damn baby name books while I was contracting. At one point when my epidural was getting put in, all the anesthesiologists decided they would help with the name. Seriously I have this giant needle in my back and they are discussing their Uncle Maleek's name origin....WTF? When it came down to it and baby girl came out (after 1 1/2 hours of pushing) we knew her name was Louisiana Audrey. Now we just gotta figure out a nickname before Catcher starts calling her weezey.

Any suggestions?