2 Kids=So Easy

I think I have got this two kid thing down to a science. Basically Louisiana is on my boob all day & all night and I nap when Catcher naps. It's that simple people. If I knew it was gonna be this easy...


So little Lala is quite the eater. WAY more than the boy. She wakes up every hour to feed and sometimes that's not enough. It is absolutely insane. Even when she is napping she still wants the option of food available. Basically I am wearing her in a sling so I can still hang with the Catcher or I am laying in bed with both my ladies out for her convenience. It's all very attractive and I can't say that I have ever felt more sexy.


Other than my boobs constantly hanging out all day, I feel pretty good about our fam. The Chef has been amazing working crazy hours so he can be with us for a portion of the day. He takes the boy to singin' class (which I know he is not a fan of) and even takes him into the restaurant to go cook chefing. The boy loves it.