Baby Blues

I have been trying to sit down and collect my thoughts since Monday but it hasn't happened until now. What is it Wednesday? How time flies when you have two kids. Pretty soon I'll be forty and barefoot on my front porch in the bayou.

Monday was tough. I think I came down with a case of the baby blues. Never happened with Catcher so it took me by surprise. I could not stop crying. All day. I cried in the car. I cried in the bathtub. I cried while I was nursing. I cried while I was sleeping. And then I woke up Tuesday morning happy as a lark.

Really I did. Everything was good again. It was so strange and the poor chef had to deal with it all day thinking he did something wrong. I read in all the baby books that it happens but I just couldn't imagine it happening to me. I wasn't sad about my family. I am ecstatic about our new family, though trying it may be. So when I couldn't figure out why I was a basket case I got freaked out. Lord knows I didn't want to turn into Britney's postpartum depressed ass. Harsh...but girl deserves it.

Today rolls around and my saint of a husband took the boy to the German sausage maker and singing class so I could get a moment alone with the girl. Or actually a chance to clean my filth ridden house. Never happened because the girl stayed awake and on my ginormous boob all morning and by the time she went down (5 minutes ago) all I could think of was posting on my dear blog. The cleaning can begin after...

On another note, the Festivus party is in the works. More to come as soon as I stop this post and start organizing it.