How Come Chef's Don't Listen?

I guess the title should really be 'How come the chef I promised myself to for LIFE doesn't listen to a damn thing I say?'

Seriously all day today I have been quite accommodating to that husband of mine. I let him sleep all night long both Friday and Saturday nights and then I let him take naps and watch football all day long. So how come when I ask him one simple thing he does the exact opposite?

It was so so so so simple. All I asked, is that he abstain from running our dishwasher tonight and let it go on the 4 hour delay. You see the thing about our house is that if you use all the appliances at once there will be no water for my shower or perhaps no water for the two week old baby girl's bath.

Well ladies & gents...he paid no attention to little ole' me and started it immediatley after I turned it on delay. I did not wig out, I explained the situation calmly and turned the dishwasher off again. Then I fed the girl.

That was a half hour ago (NOT 4 hrs. ago). I walked into the kitchen/living room/playroom to post and low and behold the gd*mn muthatruckin' dishwasher is on. You see the chef thought I said that the dishwasher wouldn't work in four hours and that's why he turned it on again. I want to kill him.

I kid. I kid.