Neil Young Knows Everything

Especially when it comes to maids. But he got one thing wrong. Not only does a man need a maid, but a woman needs one too. And guess what? This woman's got one. Although in this day and age I am pretty sure that I shouldn't be calling her a maid. Instead I'll just call her this chick from Berea who wears zipper ankle jeans and happens to clean my house. She rocks and she cleans and she rocks out so more to Journey and I couldn't be happier. For $10 an hour she scrubs everything in my house from top to bottom. Even behind my toilet. Wow. I hit the jackpot. Today she came and went in less than three hours. That's right my friends $30 and my house looks like it was just built. Sort of. Good times. Good day. That's all I ask. Well, that's all I ask today at least.

**Chef News**

That fabulous hubby of mine got reviewed and it's not online yet but when it is you'll be the 1st to know. Cheers!