Me & the Lady Lou

I can honestly say that the past month has been the most stressfully beautiful 30 days of my life ever. It all started with this girl. We call her Louisiana.

Who would have thought a second child would be so immensely hard yet so adorable all bundled up into one amazing package? I guess everyone but the chef & I...

I remember how easy Catcher was. I don't know if it was all the pain meds I was on or the fact that the Chef stayed home for almost a month but he was an angel. I swear he was sleeping a full night by the time he was three weeks old. Lou is opposite Catcher. Evrything he loved she hates. The swing, the carseat, the bassinet, the mobile, etc. She just wants to be held or she just wants boob. Girl loves the boob. Wonder where she got that from?

The really difficult part is the combo of the both of them. The scheduling, the conflicts, the missed playtimes, the feedings, the lack of sleep, and the guilt of ignoring one child to tend to another. These things have all weighed heavily on me as well as on the Chef. Not to mention the fact that I can be uber moody and haven't been the nicest of nice this past month. Who would've thunk it?

Things have definitely been tense in our casa but there is a light shining past the dark and I must admit things are getting better & back to normal. The Chef & I have almost been having fun these past couple of days which has been really nice. I have to admit that I really do miss him. It seems as things are starting to settle and we are both getting use to the changes we have had to make in our lives. I think the more time passes the easier things will get although the chef is planning to open another restaurant which no doubt brings the stress but we won't jump the gun on that just yet.

Louisiana is about as edible as a baby can be. I just wanna eat her cuteness.