My First Mommy Date

It has been six months since we moved from NYC to Ohio. My god it seems like it's been two years. I guess that's what suburban living does to one.

In that six months I have joined music classes, story times, and even swimming lessons for the boy and have yet to meet any moms. Until now. Long story short I met a mom thru a friend (who happens to be a nightclub event planner). My friend and this mamma (who is from DC) have been planning a Baby Loves Disco theme party called Rock-n-Tots for the great city of Cleveland. I had also been trying to plan a Baby Loves Disco night because of how much the boy and I loved it in Park Slope. My friend suggested we meet. This was a couple months ago.

We finally met last Friday. Getting there was a bitch. The boy slammed his hand in the door leading out to the garage. The girl woke up mid car ride screaming like she just came out of my belly. My emotions kicked in so all three of us spent the 15 minute drive to downtown crying like our hamster just died. When we finally made it to the Great Lakes Science Center I realized I had no change of clothes for baby girl which made me breakdown even more. After about 25 minutes nursing the girl in the bathroom and trying to comfort the boy's owie we were finally ready to head upstairs to the Polymer playroom and meet my new mom friend.

After all the drama of getting downtown and having the kids not act like psychos I was quite glad we made it. I met N, a really cool transplant from DC. After talking for nearly 2 hours we found out have the same mentality about Cleveland and parenting in Cleveland. We hate the burbs and we are both cool with a dance party for kids serving alcohol to parents. She has three super cute kids and she stays home with them. She is also hitched to a pilot for a private jet company. So we are kind of in the same boat with our sig ots.

I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it was to talk to someone that shared a common biew and a similar lifestyle. I feel like ever since we moved to Ohio I have only had this blog to talk to. Meeting moms in Strongsville proved to be fruitless. They judge me by my tattoos or my son's strange name. Not that I care cause most of the women in this burb dress out of a JC Penney catalogue. Seriously, white jeans and Reebok's. It's bloody awful.

N is a different story. I am guessing she even has a few tattoos. I will have to ask her on our next mommy date.