V DAY : Bye Bye Sperm

That's right my friends we are on the road to being a sperm free couple. No more kids for us! Unless of course we decide we want to adopt a little Russian baby later in life. But as of now my Chef is no longer the sperm producing machine he used to be. Hell within two months, dude should be sperm free. No more birth control pills for this widow. I can't wait. I have been on one form of birth control or another since I was 19. Not that you can tell..

The Chef took the vasectomy like a burly man. Not that I expected him to be a bitch but you know boys and their business. It could have gone very wrong. But he was strong and he seems to be doing ok. I'm sure the percocet is helping. I am so stoked that we can do the horizontal mambo without the fear of getting knocked up again. After Lou we both decided that two kids was way more than enough for us. Plus if we truly want to be retired & barefoot by the age of 45 (which we do) then the kids must be grown and outta the house. Henceforth the vasectomy. We agreed that he would go under the knife since I already pushed two babies (one that was almost 10 lbs) out of my vajajay. It's only fair.

A Chronology of the Big Snip:

Before VSJ (that's Vasectamy in MD lingo) Chef on Valium

Sleeping in the car during Daddy's VSJ

The Chef on Drugs after the big Snip

At home with some berries on his berries....

I would just like to say how proud I am of the Chef for taking one for my team. Granted I've taken one for the team twice and it hurt way the f more than his procedure did but who's counting right? JK JK. You rock and I love ya!