13 Signs You Are a Tree Hugging Mom or Dad

1. You drive this:2. You recycle everything.
3. You compost all your food.
4. You wrap presents in newspaper and make bows out of plastic bags.5. You buy organic & local food.
6. You still listen to records and truly believe that the sound quality is way better than cd's.
7. Your husband looks like the Unabomber:

8. You Tivo the following shows:
It's Not Easy Being Green
It's Easy Being Green
Invention Nation

9. You watch the John Lennon documentary that is always on VH1 over and over and it gets you every time.
10. You extensively research eco resorts in hopes that someday you will be able to afford a vaca HERE:
11. You think about bringing hemp necklaces back (all Chef).
12. You spend WAY TOO MUCH $$ on a fabulous 'Green' Prada bag for your environmentally conscious wife.
Yes we know Prada bags don't really say 'Hippie,' but damn do they look fantastic on a Chef's Widows arm.

13. Your daughter wears cloth diapers:

That's right cloth diapers. No disposables for baby girl [except at her grandparents].

*****Sidenote about our Cloth Journey*****

When we decided to embark on this unheard of [in the midwest] practice we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Well it is the end of the first month of using the Diaper-eze diaper service. The one and only service in Northeast Ohio. And I must say that I am really happy with the entire situation. It is honestly the greatest thing. The deliver me the diapers weekly and all I have to do is put the dirty diapers in a diaper pail and make sure to put it out every Tuesday. They clean 'em, count 'em and keep a tally of what baby girl is actually using. Works great for us and baby girl seems to be cool with the cloth. I also like the fact that I don't have to touch poo. Which is usually an inevitable thing. But with this service all I have to do is take the diaper off and throw it in the pail. Easy. No mess. No fuss. And no shit. Today is the start of my new month and we have decided that we are going to continue down the cloth road. I just wish I would have done it with Catcher. Right now I am spending the same amount of money on both kids for diapers which is absolutely unbelievable. Unheard of. Newborns usually require at least double the diapers of a baby/toddler. So if you are thinking of traveling down the cloth diaper road I definitely suggest trying it for at least one month and definitely using a service.

There are many many more signs that you are a Hippie parent including the following:

  • You buy BPA free bottles.
  • You have organic sheets on your baby's crib that she doesn't even sleep in.
  • You are thinking about opening a Green restaurant.
  • You subscribe to Mothering Magazine, Natural Home, & Mother Earth News.
  • You secretly rent Phish concert dvd's from the library (all Chef again).