My 2 Year Old Drops 'F' Bombs

I swore to myself that I was going to take a break from CW but both kids are nighty night and I can't bring myself to do anymore cleaning.

Yesterday the boy was at his grammy & papa's house while I stayed home to clean the remnants of the super rockin' Yacht Rock Festivus Soiree that was held at our casa on Sunday. I did 7 loads of laundry and two loads of dishes (the chef was proud as I usually refuse doing dishes). As I was finishing my little man came home and I asked him what he did at grammy and papa's. He replied "fucking dude." That's right. Not only did Catcher drop the f bomb but he used it as an adjective.
I immediately went into super mom mode demanding where her heard that. He could barely respond because he kept chanting "fucking dude, fucking dude, fucking dude." I finally got a word in and asked him again where he learned that saying and his response was 'daddy's a fucking dude.' I asked him 'Did daddy teach you that?' He replied 'Daddy's awesome!!!' You could hear the exclamation points when the words came out. It was totally insane and hilarious and genius. I still am not sure if he learned it from me calliong the chef a 'fucking dude' or the chef just spewing the swears. After a few minutes he had forgotten all about the 'fucking dude' and went into his new cook chefin' kitchen so he could make Potato & Vito some dinner.

So my kid swears and it's no surprise. The Chef's got a mouth like a sailor and I don't trail too far behind. I have tried to curb my habit of loose lips but it's really hard when you have to drive where stupid people live. Driving has a way of introducing words that no child or person should ever hear. Driving just sucks. Lord knows if my ass was till in Brooklyn I wouldn't be calling people motha fuckin' bitch sucking assholes as they cut me off on the subway. That being said I have come up with a New Years resolution. I will no longer be saying the following words:
Asshole (that never sounds pretty coming out of a two year old's mouth)
Bitch (I rarely use this one but I sure as hell don't want Catcher to be chanting this when he sleeps over my parents house)
I will continue to use the following words:
Hell (cuz it's not a bad word it's a place)
Ass (an animal)
Shit (just because we all do it)

I will however continue to swear on CW. Gotta get it out somewhere.

My 'fucking dude'