Britney Spears, The Hostage Taker

I went to sleep last night and all was right with the world. This morning I awoke to the super sad news that crazy ass Britney Spears held her kids hostage for 4 hours and had to be forcibly removed from her house as she was a danger to herself and others. One of her little boys also had to be taken to the hospital as the other boy followed the ambulance in a car.

You can watch the video of Britney being wheeled into the hospital HERE.

In this celebrity driven culture of ours it is no surprise that Britney's life has become such a tragic mess. Every opportunity to help her has been available to the judges, her parents, and the people that manager her. Unfortunately money outweighs feeling and love. Because Britney is relatively well off ($737,000/month), and the people in her life are most likely living off her, she has been able to skate past any sort of trouble that she has gotten herself into. I am still surprised that someone actually took those kids away from her. Bravo for that by the way.
Her life has been come public spectacle for the general public, it is a real life soap opera that unfolds on a daily basis. It garners our attention, it decrease productiviy at people's workplaces, it funds the careers of bloggers. But most of all it proves that money does not equal happiness. In this case money equals depression, no sense of family, easy access to people of a shady nature, and a trip to the hospital looking like a psychotic:

It is so sad. It is so hard to watch. It is difficult not feel something for Britney. As a mother I try to envision what she must be going through. But I can't. My protective instinct kicks in and I can't help but question her motives, her ethics, and her all around shitty parenting skills. I start to think "what kind of mother lets it go this far?" But then I remember my own mother. It wasn't her destiny to be a mom. She didn't want us and eventually she left. My father raised us without a second glance. Who knows in Britney's case?

Maybe she has postpartum depression that has spiraled out of control with her obvious drug use.
Maybe she smokes the crack rock.
Maybe she has gonorrhea and it has gotten so out of control that it has eaten half her brain and given her schizophrenia. (Thanks Law & Order).
Maybe she just doesn't want to be a mom.

We may never know.

Whatever the outcome of this hostage thing the bottom line is that chick needs some serious help. And she needs it now. Or she is going to end up dead and leave those kids without a mama. Or worse. Let's just pray these kids can grow up to get past the images of their mommy going insane.