Conversations w/ Catcher

Catcher: "I hungry mommy."
Chef's Widow: "What do you want to eat baby?"
Catcher: "I go to grocery store."
Chef's Widow: "Ok, sounds good kid."
Catcher: "See you later mommy! (proceeds to walk to front door)"
Chef's Widow: "Ok see you later Catcher."
Catcher: (putting on his boots and coat) "I drive now in mommy's car, bye bye, I'll be right back."
"Hold still mommy, be back in a minute."
"I lub you."
(Tries the childproof door knob)
"Mommy not working, you fix it I go to grocery store."
Chef's Widow: "No baby I'll make you something no grocery store."
Catcher: (five minute fit protesting mommy's food)

Looks like even a two year old knows I can't cook worth a damn. Thank god I married a chef or the kid would never eat.