To Be a Chef's Widow

My job as a single mother has resumed. The chef's 10 day vacation has come to an end. It was a fantastic 10 days that were dearly needed on both ends.

I truly enjoy being a stay at home mom immensely but having the chef around full time is awesome. Not only is our relationship reaffirmed and great, but our house is now a super organized machine. The garage is no longer a den of garbage and Catcher's room actually has a floor. Amazing right?

I have to admit that I am a bit bummed that the chef has to go back to the kitchen. We had so much fun watching movies, drinking wine, and generally hanging out. Something we haven't done in such a long time. When you think about it we really don't ever spend that much time together. I would have to say on average we hang out about 10 hours a week. Which is fine. If there was anymore time we would probably kill each other. He drives me crazy. I drive him crazy. But that's the beauty of our marriage. We don't have to be together all the time to have a strong relationship.

I knew going in that the chef wouldn't ever have a normal schedule. I knew that there would be no Friday night date nights or family dinnertime. I have come to terms that no matter where the chef's career goes we will not have the normal 9-5 schedule. Which is fine. 9-5'ers suck anyways.

I married a chef. A busy chef with dreams of restaurants, books, farms, & food. In turn I became a chef's widow. I deal with the smells of food, the hours of a restaurant, and the fact that even after my chef becomes a household name he will still work a million hours. I accept the facts that my kids will always like the chef's cooking over mine. I know that in the long run being a Chef's Widow was the thing that I was meant to do. I like it and I sure as hell couldn't see myself hitched to anyone else. Plus it helps to know that behind every great chef there is a widow going through the same shit I go through everyday, every year. And everyone knows that it's not the food that makes the chef, but the widow behind him...