Long Way Round III: Bike 4 Food

The Chef or Ewan?

Last night as I lay in bed watching my favorite man (besides my hubs) Ewan McGregor, travel the world on a motorbike in his fantastic show, Long Way Round, I had an idea.

What if they did a Long Way Round food edition?
It could be two chefs,
(obviously my chef & this guy) & possibly Ewan McGregor(girl can dream can't she?).

They could plan a trip that not only focused on riding but would also make pit stops at various food establishments (could be well known & not so well known) throughout whatever countries their tour goes through.

You see on the first Long Way Round they rode their bike from London through Russia to The Bering Straight to Alaska and then down to NYC. They took 15 weeks and met some crazy ass people along the way. If you haven't seen check it out. Fox Reality always does Long Way Round marathons.

This adventure could consists of doing a bike trip through all The Americas or maybe Africa. I mean has there ever really been a food show in Africa?

Anyways, I think it is an awesome idea. Especially if Ewan got on board cuz although my husband and this guy are pretty good to look at, they are no match for Mr. McGregor.