Cook Chefin' with Catcher & Lou

I freakin' love my kids. Honestly they are so cool and awesome. I am not quite sure how it happened. You would think mixing the chef & my DNA would not turn out so well. He being a hyper maniac and me being a slightly insane creative genius. I kid. I kid.

Last night we packed up the car, which is a feat in itself, and headed downtown to the chef's restaurant. Every Tuesday they have Cook Chefin' night. The chef guides kids into making their own pizzas. They get to put on the sauce, the toppings, and the cheese and then the Chef puts it in the oven. It is great fun and the boy really loves it.

Eating pizza & watching Scooby Doo. The best things in life are at Bar Cento.

He should love it considering he named the night. Every time the chef goes to work, the boy says "Daddy's going cook chefin.'" Cute & effective.

Back to last night. It was getting busy and Catcher was getting ansy. Lou was checking out the lights and I was trying to eat my prociutto pizza without spilling every topping onto my Frampton Comes Alive vintage tee or onto my daughter's head. So Catcher is all done with his pizza and decides he is going to hang with another group of kids at a different table. He sits on a moms lap and joins the party. Granted we knew one of the guys in the group but still it was absolutely hilarious that he just fit right in. He is such a goober.

I think that it is so great that the chef makes such an effort at having kids in his restaurant. In Cleveland most people who enjoy good restaurants shun children. The restaurant do as well. That is the exact opposite of NYC. Many restaurants made an effort to include kids. Especially restaurants in Brooklyn like Bubby's & Applewood. They wanted to influence and inspire the kids to eat good food. Not the processed boxed and now possibly cloned shit that comes out TGI Friday's.

I hope that he inspires more restaurants in Cleveland to take an active role in educating kids about healthy, local, & organic foods. I know that he will continue to do so with every restaurant he is involved with.