Weekend Night TV SUX

All TV sux. But weekend night TV blows. That's why I have just polished off a bottle of this really yummy sustainable organic wine called Bell Mountain. The Red 2003. Fancy that.

I am so bored. I have been on the internet for the past 3 hours and I have gotten nothing accomplished. I've been dicking around on myspace looking up people I don't give a damn about like these bitches I saw the other night at Cento. Then somehow I got distracted by an ad for that family tree website and I started researching my family's genealogy. WTF. Anything to avoid cleaning my house.

Now I am searching for houses to buy. We can't afford to pay for the cable but lord knows we can buy a $400,000 home...Seriously though, I did find the perfect house for us. And it's by Bron Bron's house so maybe the chef & him can become buddies and shoot hoops.

I am freakin' hilarious when I drink. I love it.

Well my lovely readers I guess I am gonna succumb to the Saturday night Law & Order marathon. Check ya later.