An Open Letter to Potato

Dear Potato,

I love you and I am so glad that I took you home that day in Tompkins Square Park. You might be the coolest dog ever. However I have some issues...
What I really need from you is to stop scratching. I know that your itchy and are allergic to everything. But you are making me insane.

When I wake up I hear scratching.
When I go to sleep I hear scratching.
At 3am I hear scratching.
In my dreams I hear scratching.

It is enough to make a chick go crazy. And now you are starting to howl. Not cool dude. Not cool.

I understand that you have bad skin. Hell you are by far the most expensive free dog ever. I am doing all that I can. I bathe you daily. I crush pills for you. I even have a super expensive doggie dermatologist's appointment scheduled for you in May. But the itching and scratching and howling has got to stop.

No worries. I still love you. Especially your super warm belly.