Another One Bites The Dust, Heath Ledger Dead @ 28

The chef & I always related to Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams. They lived in our neighborhood in Brooklyn and they had a child at the exact same time we did. One could say they were our favorite celebrity couple. Neither of us had ever met them but we would see them around the neighborhood with their girl Matilda. They seemed pretty normal. He would skateboard while Michelle would be walking with her baby girl.

Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger, & Daughter Matilda in Brooklyn

When I heard that their relationship had ended over the summer, I was sad. I had always hoped that they would make it as a couple not only for their daughter's sake but for their own as a couple out of Hollywood.

Today I heard the horrific news of Heath's death on my way from Cook Chefin'. I have to admit that it bummed me out. I started thinking about people in my past who have died from drugs and people in present who are still addicted to them. My mind started to wonder back to my own dark ages when I myself could have ended up face down and dead. I am lucky as I got past my addictions and was able to thrive as a woman, a young adult, and a mother. Others are not so lucky.

Last picture of Heath Ledger taken 3 days before his untimely death

The thing about drugs and being an addict is that sense of invincibility. Every time you shoot up, every time you put something up your nose, the fear of consequence flies out the window. Combine that with fame & fortune and the outcome is always bleak. I have seen the devastation an addict can project firsthand, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It is no fun having a relationship with an addict. They try their damnedest to take you down with them.

Having heard that Heath was addicted to heroin I can understand why Michelle Williams left him. The thought of your child coming into contact with anything related to heroin or the drug itself is enough to make a woman mad. I know.

It is just a sad end to a life. We have heard it before. It has happened to many. When a child is involved it is especially heart wrenching. I could never imagine what that kind of loss must feel like. I am blessed with a man that loves me (and is drug free) and two kids who amaze me & make me fall in love with them more and more each day. I am a lucky girl.

My thoughts go out to the family, the friends, and that baby girl. I hope that she will someday find peace with her father for leaving her so soon.

Heath Ledger & Baby Girl Matilda