Remembering St. Barth's

The news of Heath Ledger's death and the fact that it is like 12 degree outside have managed to put me in a sour mood. It is tough living in Ohio in the winter and so far I have done my best to avoid the wintertime blues. But I think I may have lost the battle.

I absolutely hate being depressed. I love to live life and it really sucks when I get in a mood. Everyone is affected. This bout is especially tough as I have my own shit going on with my family that never seems to go away. I am trying to be proactive about it so that is why I spent hours upon hours yesterday uploading our Honeymoon pics from 2006 to our Flickr account. There were 300 of them.

So instead of being a depressed debbie I am gonna walk you through one of the best weeks of my life.

Arial view of St. Bartholemy

Hating the Two Seat Prop Plane

View from Villa Belle Aurore

Uma Thurman's Mansion

He really loves me.

The Chef @ Eden Rock

Chef's Widow @ Eden Rock

Cheese, bread, & wine. What more do you need?