The boy is sick again. I hate winter. And other kids. They are just such disease passers.

I really don't hate other kids (well some), it's just that whenever my boy hangs with anyone under legal drinking age he gets sick. Now he's got some kind of fever allergy thing. Looks like we'll be recluses again this week.

I think that I really need to take my annual sabbatical to my birthplace. St. Pete Beach in Florida. This is the first year that I haven't been to Florida in the winter in almost 10 years. Crazy. I think I am going have to pull a fast one and bum along on my dad's annual Florida trip or I may lose my mind and have to start taking drugs for some made up seasonal disorder. (I know seasonal disorders exist, shit I have one, I just don't think you need drugs to cure them, I think you need sun)

I really do need to go to Florida but I am guessing there is no way the chef can take off anytime considering how slammed the restaurant has been this past month. Maybe I'll buy a sun lamp.