Let the Recovery Begin

I may have been going a little overboard lately with the beverages and this past weekend proved to be no different. Friday night we took Catcher & his cousins (3 boys under 10) to the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game. We had gotten them tix as Xmas presents. Catcher was still a bit under the weather however his fever was gone and he really wanted to go.

When we arrived, I immediately consumed (2) $6.25 plastic bottles of Bud Light. Yumster! Catcher got his hair painted and some Monsters tattoo's. He also met a older lady friend (age 9 and sat with her for the entire second half. He even put his arm around her. Awwwww.

We got to see three staged fights and eat dollar hot dogs. Not much in life that is better than that.

I think everyone had a good time however the next morning sucked. Shitty beer and lack of sleep does not do a widow any good.

On Saturday the entire family headed to downtown Cleveland for Rock-n-Tots. Again Catcher was still hurting but he trudged through the three floors of fun like a champ. Lou even got into the spirit. She baby bjorned it all day and we barely heard a peep.

Gotta love a three month old baby.

As the chef watched both kiddies dance, get more tattoos and have tunnel races, I helped myself to 2.5 glasses of $8.00 merlot (pronounce the 'T'). Not a good idea friends. My tolerance is so low that 2.5 glasses of shitty merlot (pronounce the 'T') gets me loaded. I started pounding waters but by the time I left I was hurting. Thank god when we got home the kids were both wiped and fell asleep. Perfect time for me to catch up on Lost.

And Jebus' day proved to be no different than the two previous. The chef & I had a date to go see There Will Be Blood in the afternoon. We dropped the kids off at the in laws and made our way to the suburban sprawl of a mall. We bought a large popcorn (like either of us need it) and settled in. The movie was good. Long and Paul Thomas Andersonish, but good. Daniel Day Lewis was phenomenal. Obviously. He goes to places that no one has ever gone to before on film. It is astounding. His posture alone made the character of Daniel Plainview. It was so unreal.
His supporting actor, Paul Dano (from Little Miss Sunshine) was also unbelievable and I am really surprised that he didn't get an Oscar nod.

After the flick we hung at the in laws and I may have had a few glasses of Amarone. This may have inspired me to drink 3 glasses of Shiraz when we got home. I was watching the Grammy's. It was hella boring. So I got hella drunk. Well hella drunk for me. It was the first time since I had Lou that I was really concerned about nursing. So I did the whole pump and dump thing and then fed baby girl cereal until a few hours had passed. Doing this allowed me to wake up at 4am. Which I really wanted to do.
Now I am a tired mess, my walls are breathing, it's too cold to leave the house, and I have a three day hangover. Real nice. I think I have had enough of the drink for at least two weeks or at least till the Chef's Beer Dinner.
This weekend has made me realize that I am so thankful the Chef rarely has a free weekend. Cuz girl can't kick it like she used to. This widow is getting to be a golden oldie. Pretty soon I'll be going on superbowl cruises and eating dinner at 5 o'clock.