Conversations w/ Catcher

Widow: "What do you want for dinner honey?"

Catcher: "Chicken & Trees (aka broccoli), Mom."

Widow: Ok, I'll cook it for you."

Catcher: "NOOOOOOOOOO! No like your chicken. Only daddy's!!! {temper tantrum begins}

Widow: "Well babe, daddy is at work so mommy has to cook dinner tonight."

Catcher: "No mom, YOU go to work. No like your cook chefin'. No like your chicken!

I proceed to cook the chicken & somehow overcook canned corn. I plate it and we sit down to eat.

Widow: "How's the chicken babes?"

Catcher: "Really good, I lub Daddy's chicken." {at this point tries to hug the chicken wing.}

Widow: "Me too babes. Me too."