Conversations w/ Catcher

This one is NOT for the faint at heart. It's about poop. So if you don't like that shitty stuff then skip this one.

Catcher: "I have to pee! I have to pee!" (runs to toilet)

Chef's Widow: "Ok buddy." (walking past)

Catcher: "I pooping mommy!"

Chef's Widow: "Ok Catcher, great." (stopping to look in the bathroom to make sure he is still on the toilet)

Catcher: "C'mon poop!." (looking down into the toilet) "Let's go poop, C'mon" (still looking into the pot)

Catcher: "Mommy I just did a BIG poop ball." "It's really big!" (so so so excited, motions for me to come check it out)

Catcher: "Mommy, here comes another one." "C'mon poop ball, let's go!" (exclaims very strongly)

Mommy: "Great job Catcher. Great job." (so happy he is poddy trained, not so happy for the play by play on the shape and size of his shit).