Anniversaries Suck

I must say that our past two anniversaries have been far from exciting. The last anniversary, the chef went to jail and this one felt like jail. I was under the impression that anniversaries were supposed to be full of fun, sex, and booze. Kinda like Spring Break. Apparently I was misinformed.

Last night was a bust. We went out to dinner, had an ok meal that was way overpriced, and the chef was in a sour mood. So sour that we probably should have gone home after dinner but he wanted to go hang at one of his chef friend's restaurant. That was super duper fun. I really enjoy talking shop on my only night out with the chef in what seems like forever.

So now I am in a sour mood and I have to bartend tonight with the chef for Rock & Roll Wine Project. Yippee!!

***update***after I got some coffee in my tired ass my sour mood has gone away. The boy has also contributed by being so insane that I can't help but laugh.