Sometimes the Blonde Shines Thru

Sometimes I can be an ass. For example:

When we had Catcher we decided to buy a dvd camcorder. My parents had one of those GIANT old school videotape camcorders that they lugged on every vacation. Every now and then I will check out one those tapes (at my parents cuz we don't have a VCR) and get all nostalgic and misty eyed. Plus it is pretty great to hear my mom bitch for 7 hours straight at Disney World (no offense mom).

So we bought this thing and have used it pretty frequently. The chef even recorded his marriage proposal. We have Disney trips, St. Barth's, Brooklyn, and NYC life all on these little mini dvd's. Sounds great right? No. Not when you can only watch them off of the camcorder.

Or so I thought until yesterday when I figured out that you have to finalize a mini dvd before it will play on a dvd player. Seriously I had no idea. For the past three years I have been so mad at this damn camcorder. I have hated myself for buying it. And now it all turns out that the camera doesn't suck, I do.

Last night after discovering the beautiful world of dvd finalization, I skipped Lost and immersed myself into the history of our little family. It was so much fun and I must admit that the chef, Catcher, and I have made a pretty good team. Plus we're all pretty f'ng hilarious.

In my trip down memory lane, I found an especially amusing video. It was the only one that the chef had full taken control of. It was Catcher's first Thanksgiving and our best friend M was in town. Basically the chef filmed about five minutes of the food and feast and the rest of the tape was him filming his & our friend M's super secret dinner conversation about nothing. It was so romantic. It was so silly. It was a little man gay.

It's funny cuz we are both best friends with M but we both have such different relationships with each other. The Chef & M act like a married couple. They do. They are like BFF till they die and they usually speak in code or song lyrics. It can be annoying especially if you are 7 months pregnant and they are drinking scotch and smoking camels in front of you.
M & I are like drinking buddies. I know that if I ever want to have a fun night, M is the person I wanna hang out with. I don't think I have ever had a bad time with him. Well other than the time he told me I was fat but that's a whole other thing...

This Thanksgiving video of those two goobers is golden. If only I could upload it to youtube. I'll probably figure that out in a couple years. And by that time if I still have this blog I am gonna shoot myself.