Tag Virgin

This 'tag' thing is new to me. In the millions of years that I have been writing this blog I have never been tagged. Not once.
Earth Muffin took my tag virginity today and asked me to write my own six word memoir.

Local loving, kid toting, chef's widow.

Now according to the rules of the tag I must tag 5 of my blogger friends:

Tagging begins in 5....4....3....2....1......

Cleveland's a Plum: because she is real and awesome and I know cause I met her at Bar Cento last Saturday.

Symon Says: because I know what the first three words of his memoir would be (if he actually wrote one, which he won't...dude's got a lot on his plate right now). And because he gave the chef a nice little shout out on his blog.

Go Erin Go: because I am sure she has little time between being married to a guy in culinary school and training for a marathon.

Finding Our Way: because anyone who confronts hardship like she does is ok in my book.

Hot Coffee Girl: because she is one funny bitch.