La Sex Tape di Lohan

With the imminent release of Lindsay Lohan's sex tape as well as the disturbing photo's of Kristin Davis oral abilities, I can't help but think about the similarities between porn stars and Hollywood stars. I can't help but question whether or not the photos and videos of today's starlets are purposefully made and then released. I just don't understand how a woman who is in the public eye could even think of filming herself in compromising positions. No pun intended.

I am an open minded individual. I speak my mind. I am honest, sometimes brutally. I love my husband. I think I am sexy (well I used too). I have great tata's and I love me some lovin'. BUUUUTTTTTTTT....I would NEVER tape/shoot myself in anything that would be considered rated R. PG-13, yes... I've gotta mouth like a sailor and the chef is worse, but there is no way in hell that my ass or his ass is gonna be showing up on some videotape. And we're not even famous.

I really believe it is all publicity. These girls don't give a shit if their lady business is flashed on Page Six and they sure as hell don't care if they are humpin' on film. That's where the money's at. Fuck making a real film, Lohan will probably make more money off of her sex tape than any movie she has ever made. And what does that say about our society today?

I am not a fearful woman. Fox News does not scare me and I was never afraid of terrorists when I lived in New York. I do not instill fear in my children and I do not live in fear of the bullshit propaganda that the media puts out there on a daily basis.

I do find myself being a bit fearful of the society my daughter is going to grow up in. I see these girls today and I am appalled by their clothes, their language, and their life dreams. Paris Hilton is a role model and I still don't know why. The young girls in our society seem to be directionless. Wandering nowhere looking for fame and fortune without lifting a finger.

I know that as a mother I will teach my daughter what I think is important about being a woman. I will introduce her to Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco. I will read books to her by great women like Ayn Rand and Sylvia Plath. I will encourage her individuality. I will embrace her life and I will try to show her the path of goodness, respect, and independence. I am a strong woman and I will show her that she can be one too.

Why is it that these girls in the public eye have no sense of the above. Are their mothers that taken over by greed? When they look at their daughters do they see a little girl or a Bentley? Unfortunately I think it is the latter and I think that these girls will end up 80 years old dying of emphysema alone, broke, and regretful. And that makes me sad. No woman should end up that way. Famous or not.