Working Lunches & Antique Automobiles

Today was a jolly fun day. The chef changed his day off so the past two Monday's have been a family day. It is so nice to actually hang out with him and the kiddies. I think we sort of lost sight of how important one day can be.

We headed to University Circle with anticipation of checking out the Cleveland Art Museums' Arms & Armor exhibit. However when we approached the joint, the chef had the brilliant idea to ask the boy if he wanted to go to the car & plane museum or the sword fighting museum. He choose cars. So we headed to the most boring museum on Earth, The Crawford Auto & Aviation Museum. It was AWESOME, insert eye rolling here. It was like going to one of those crappy restaurants that have the oldie car shows on the weekend. Only we had to pay to get in. The only cool thing about the museum was this kick ass woodie station wagon that would be so awesome if it could be converted to biodisel.

The boy kept lost his shit because he wanted to climb into every single car and of course that is not an option. We sprinted through the rest of the museum (costumes & baseball) and got the hell outta there before he had a melt down.

We headed towards downtown CLE in search of some libations (for me) and food for the fam. After ten minutes of NOT deciding where to eat we finally headed to Lola, the restaurant of Cleveland's hottest chef (ca. 1995):

After enjoying two bloody mary's, a yumster fried bologna sandwich, mac & goat cheese, oysters, and a hanger steak, we hung out with Mike for a little while and then headed home. The kids were tired and mommy was a bit buzzed. Nothing says good mom like drinking bloody mary's on a Monday afternoon...

When we arrived at our ghetto fabulous casa we discovered that our lovely 1997 luxury Whirlpool fridge was broke. As I type the chef is throwing shit around swearing at an inanimate object and basically losing it. Nothing says day off like fixing a broken fridge.

Whew. Well now that that's over...

I am going to order some Thai food and watch I am Legend. You know how I love those crazy scientologists.