Conversations w/ Catcher

Yesterday we took the kids to the Cleveland Metroparks (kinda like a giant Central Park) for some outdoor fun. We parked the car, packed up the stroller, and headed on our merry way. The following took place about 10 minutes into our 'hike'. Catcher had been saying hi to all the people who were passing us. Dogs included.

A woman is walking at a face pace towards us. She is tall and very pretty.

Catcher: "Hi!, What are you doing here?"
Pretty Woman: "I'm running."
Catcher: "Kewl."

Woman passes us and Catcher turns to follow her.

Catcher: "Byyyyyyyyeeeeee!"
Pretty Woman: "Bye sweetie."
Catcher: "I LOVE YOU!"

At this point the boy begins to blow her air kissses and proceeds to catch the kisses he assumes she is blowing back his way.

Pretty Woman: "I love you to!"

So apparently the boy likes hot chicks. He must have said hi to about 10 people before his love profession to the pretty woman. So so so hilarious.