Overheard in Strongsville

Anybody read that blog Overheard in NYC? If you haven't you should especially if you live or have lived in NYC.

Now that the chef & I have moved back to the 'burbs in the Midwest, I have decided to start my own Overheard series. Actually it will probably just be this ONE post because I try not to hang out in Strongsville to often.

Because people still wear white jeans here and I don't talk to people who wear white jeans.

The chef & I snuck out to a place called The Pub. It's a bit fancy pants. Their wine is WAY up charged and their food is ok. I had a glass of Penfolds for $13. Apparently it was NYC prices night...

There were these two women chillaxin' at the bar. Probably in their late 30's or early 40's. One of them has a mean southern drawl. When I say mean, I mean FAKE.

When we walk into the bar the women check out the chef (he's got tattoos), and look me up and down. Not obviously at all.

They were chattin' with the bartender who was the same age. There were two tv's that were showing My Dad is Smarter than your Dad, something I hope the rest of the world can watch so they know how smart us Americans really are. Pysch.

The chef and I are watching this garbage and quietly (as quiet as you can w/ the chef) making fun of the show. These ladies overheard us and loudly asked the bartender to change their channel:

Lady #1 (in a mean southern drawl) : "Can you change the channel puhhhhleasse?"

Bartender: "Sure, what would you like me to put on?"

Lady #1: (in a mean southern drawl): "I think Dancing with the Stars is on."

Lady #2: "Oh isn't that Adam Corrolla guy on that?

Bartender: "So this is good?" {putting on DWTS}

Lady #1: (in a mean southern drawl): "Whatever. I don't watch TV."

Lady # 1: (in a mean southern drawl): "I only watch sports."