The Weight of a Woman

The chef & I have a guilty pleasure.

America's Next Top Model

Somehow we got hooked and now we faithfully watch on TIVO any chance we get.
It's horrible.
It's self indulgent.
It's discriminatory towards women.
And Tyra is probably the most self indulgent human being on the planet.

But we watch it. And we love it.

Until now.

Tonight we spent the evening in, drinking some fantabulous Pinot Noir and watching ANTM (and Top Chef, but that's another post).

The gist of the episode was that the models go on a go see. A go see (for those of us who don't model &/or do cocaine) is a meeting with a designer to see if the model is right for them. The girls try on clothes and walk the imaginary runway.

It's hardcore and very deep.

This season there is a plus size model. She's a size 6. Her name is Whitney and everyone at ALL of the go see's said she was too FAT.

I almost died. Bitch is hot.

It has been a long while since I have been a size six and I am ok with it. I was never smaller than a six. I always had the boobs that ruined the illusion of skinny. I was always voluptuous.

Whitney, the plus size model on ANTM is definitely WAY smaller than I am. I absolutely could not believe that these designers were dissing her because of her size.

How is it that in today's time we can still skulk at women who are not a size four? Or a size two? Or the bullshit size zero? Women's bodies are not made to be bones. They were made to produce children. Whether you want kids or not, the anatomy and physiology of our bodies proves that fact. We have boobs. We have hips. We have ass. Our hips expand and contract. We get cellulite. Our thighs are bigger than most dudes that we sleep with.

How have we not gotten past the idea that a beautiful women is all bones and no meat??????

Women are amazing. And beautiful. They inspire men to write epic poems about them. They inspire breathtaking art. They inspire beautiful and amazing music.

But yet we want them to be diseased. We want them to puke. We want them to eat bullshit diet pills.

It is SO SO SO amazingly fucked up.

I have issues with my weight. I always have.

Even when I weighed 113 lbs in 12th grade, I thought I was a fattie.
In college I gained some weight. When I moved to Italy I gained some WEIGHT.
When I got back to the states I realized that I had gained a few. + 20. I puked my way down.

After that I knew that I was fucked up. I never did it again.

Two kids later, an apron, & an extra 20 lbs, I am ok with body.
Granted I am trying to lose a few lbs....

BUT...I am happy with my shape.
I will never have a body like Nicole Richie. And I don't want to.

I have boobs. I have a booty (wish I had more). I am a Renaissance woman.

And the women were beautiful. And I am beautiful. And Whitney is beautiful. And Tyra Banks can go fuck herself. Because if it comes down to it and she needed a job, girl could only get hired for PLUS SIZE.

And she is beautiful.