The High of Hiking

I am so sorry for lack of posts this week but between trying to get the new restaurant's website up & running, Biggie Smalls teething, & Catcher's lack of sleeping in his own bed I am one tired widow.

Yesterday we managed to get the hell outta dodge and go hiking in Brecksville Park. A place close to my heart & my relationship with the chef. We used to 'hike' in Brecksville Park when we dated in high school. And when I say 'hike' I mean smoke weed and talk about upcoming indie flicks. Yep, we were those guys.

No longer are we those guys. But we still act like it. Somehow we managed to get the entire family lost in the woods. We eventually had to climb up this big ass hill & walk up the road to our car. Chef's Widow should know better. The chef couldn't find his way out if there was a gps system ingrained in his palm (his actual palm not his phone).