Potato's Long Lost Sister

You can imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon this heartbreaking photo of Potato's twin while perusing books at Border's this morning. The book, Not Left Behind is a photographic journey of many dogs that were saved during Katrina by the Best Friends Animal Society.

Needless to say I bought the book. How could I not? Potato's long lost twin was on the cover. When I got home I immediately read the book, shed a few tears, and went online to learn more about the Best Friends Animal Society. It turns out that they have quite a few pitbulls taken from that bastard Michael Vick. They have rehabilitated them and are now up for adoption.

Spending time on Best Friends site reminded me again how fucked up people can be towards man's best friend. It also made so glad that there is a nationally recognized pitbull advocate that is getting press. The more informed people are on the fact that pitbulls are not man eating killers the less ignorance will be spread.

Potato chillaxin'

The chef, the pit, & biggie smalls sleep peacefully

Louisiana & Potato bond