My Ex is a Scumbag

Before I the chef & I got together I must say that I dated some real fuckers. Actually only one of them was a fucker who felt the need to open up a bunch of credit cards in my name and neglect to tell me about them. He lived off me and eventually ripped my heart out of my chest. At the time I was devestated. When the chef and I went to buy our current home we found out about all the debt and had to pay it all off before the loan would go through.  It was alot but somehow we managed to pay it ALL off.  I had to write credit beureus, I had to go to court, and I had to write lots & lots of checks.  All because of some asshole that I thought I loved.  It infuriates me now that at the time I did nothing about it.  I was too heartbroken to even think of taking his ass to court.  I was a lame-o.

Today all of that bullshit came up again.  As some of you know we (the chef & I) are in the process of opening another restaurant.  We are finalizing the loan and of course the bank called.  Apparently a bunch of shit still shows on my credit report and I need to clear it up.  So instead of hanging with the kiddies on this oh so fantastic day I have been carting boxes of paperwork down from my attic in hopes of finding all my paid off debt letters.  Yipee!

I have spent the past three hours talking to creditors, who SUCK no matter what, and trying to clear up my credit report so this loan can go through.

Lesson learned.  Not once.  But twice.  All for some asshole who drank too much and wasn't good in bed.  Granted he was a hunk but as we all know most hunks are usually assholes or gay.

In non related news:

The chef is FAMOUS:

Restaurant Hospitality's Rising Star April 2008

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Me & Biggie Smalls hang w/ some cows