Mamma Earth Day

Stop Global Warming Simple EcoSneaks

Dell XPS Product(RED)

I celebrated Earth Day (and consumerism) by purchasing these two extremely needed above items. My Vans are 6 years old and last week the hole in front expanded to the size of an apple. My toes were cold. So I bought this sweet ass pair of sneaks made by Simple. They are made out of organic hemp & cotton & recycled tires. Way Cool. Plus $5 is donating to The after my shoe debacle my computer crashed. Third computer in three months. I called the Chef and told him that I absolutely had to buy a new 'puta. He was down and after hours of comparing Apple's & Dell's I bought this one. I just couldn't justify spending $1000 more on a MAC for the same computer. I know, I know Mac's are super sweet. Eventually I will switch sides but right now my checkbook can't handle the Apple. Plus since it's Earth Week I couldn't help but buy the computer that donated $80 to Bono's (RED) organization.