Birthdays, Tramp Stamps, & Chicken in the Bread Pin

The chef & I are now the same age. For only a month we will both be 28. Come June 8th my cougar ass will be another year older. But for now I can pretend. We celebrated all day yesterday since the chef has to work some crazy party tonight. We had a blast. We bought a botanical gardens membership, played in the butterfly garden, had lunch at the West Side Market and even managed to get some groceries. Something I am SURE the chef really wanted to do on his birthday. After our full day we dropped Biggie & Catcher off at the mom in laws' casa and headed downtown for our big night out.

Well my friends. Cat's outta the bag. The chef & I are creatures of habit. I had an evening out somewhat planned however the birthday boy kinda changed it when he decided to wear a filthy WAY too small hoodie out. However being his birthday and all I decided to ignore his outfit and improvise. First we headed to Stone Mad, this new joint in Ohio City with an indoor bocce ball court. Very cool design and beautiful stone & tile work. We had a drink and then decided that we would head over to Lolita's. 

Stone Mad's All Custom Tile Bathroom (there's even custom tile on the bathroom stalls)

As usual we had a great time at Lolita's, saw some old friends (although one of them cursed the Cavs to lose), ate some yummy pizza, drank a dirty bird, and then started to hang with the Original Chef's Widow. Somehow I managed to turn the whole chef birthday night out into Widow gets her drink on with OG Widow and manages to get herself a tramp stamp:

Best Birthday Gift Ever: Getting a tattoo of another man's face on your ass. The chef is so proud.

Second Best Birthday Gift: Hangin' out with two hot mamma's~ literally it was hot as fuck in there.

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